Psychic Spells

There is no embarrassment attached to using things to help in our daily lives, we do it everyday in countless ways. Spells are no different, and if life is not working for you then my spells can help to rectify that.

If you do truly desire the results that a spell can bring, and you understand that they can only ever be used to help and enhance, then my spell castings may well be what you are looking for.

Working exclusively with Psychic and Spiritual magick, I offer a wide variety of spells that can help you in your day to day life. There is nothing ‘hocus pocus’ about spell use, and nothing that could be perceived as being snake oil. I have been offering my spells for over ten years now, and my lovely recipients have seen some amazing results after using my spells to help them.

Spell infusion

There are several different items for you to choose from, which can be infused with spells. These range from jewellery items to ornaments and semi precious stones. Once infused with your spell, they can be with you within 3 working days (items infused with full moon spells are dispatched after the next full moon). Spell infused items should be kept close by; either on your person, by your bed or near your favourite arm chair.

The spell will become ‘active’ once it is in the possession of the intended, either yourself or the person you are purchasing for. Anytime Spells are what I call spells that can be cast at anytime of the year, and they do not have to be attached to an item. Full moon spells are more powerful but, of course, can take longer to prepare because of the need of a full moon – in contrast to this, Anytime Spells can be cast within 3 days of your order being received.

To begin changing your life and outlook for the better, all you need to do now is choose which spell you would like me to cast on your behalf. Your spell is cast and infused into the product ready to go – you need not do anything except keep it near you and think positive thoughts. Alternatively, if you have chosen a casting with no physical object then you will receive an email confirming the casting and you will also find the wording that is exclusive to you, that you must repeat to yourself (aloud or mentally) while thinking about the spell, and the effects that you wish to see.
To begin your spell casting, I require only some basic details from you such as your desired outcome for the spell, your Full Name and Date Of Birth or these details for the person you are buying the spell for. My Everyday (Single, Double and Triple Cast) Spells are pre-formulated so I add you into the spell hence being able to offer these to you at a cheaper price.

I also offer Energy Spells, these are  the most powerful  spells one could ever hope to have.

My Energy spells are ideal for those of you who are in a complex situation. With an Energy Spell I use all details of what you have told me to formulate the perfect spell for you, I take into account all future outcomes what could happen that would stop you getting what you want and I ensure that within my formulating of the spell there is no way your desires are not achieved. With an energy spell you can add lots of diffrent factors in, so for Eg, if you wanted your partner to return to you, you could also add marriage into it an that he /she no longer has any desires to have an affair so that you can relax and be happy and content again.

Protection/Curse/Hex Removal Spell
Dark energies that make you feel depressed, flatten your spirit, suck all of the emotional life out of you, or hope to harm you are deflected back to their source with my Hex Removal and Future Protection Energy Spell.
Those who try to cause you harm, physically, mentally and/or emotionally will receive their comeuppance, as the negativity is reflected straight back onto them and the positive energy barrier that forms around you from my Protection part of the spell repels their and any future negative energies from getting through to you.
If you’ve had a run of bad luck for weeks, months or even years my Hex Removal Spell can immediately turn your luck around.

Spell list

Love Spell – This kind of spell has been around for centuries in one form or another, most commonly as love potions. Everybody needs that special feeling of being wanted, loved and just enjoying companionship. This Love Spell can make your dreams of being in a loving, lasting and passionate relationship come true.
Having the person of your dreams in your arms in one of the most wonderful things in the world, and that sensation can be yours to enjoy every single day. Don’t leave things to chance, just hoping that one day that special someone will notice you, that today will be the day that they say hello. Take hold of your destiny and make sure it happens. I ensure that my Love Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you.

Return My Lover Spell – Second chances do come around, why not ensure that yours does? Too often, people break away from one another too soon only to regret it later. You may have ‘wandered’ on to this page, even onto this site, without realising why. When the heart is yearning for its mate, your Angels are guiding you. Everyone has Angels surrounding them, looking out for them, but not everyone knows how to communicate with them. Angels can guide us in very subtle ways, like steering you to this page for example. Choose the Return My Lover Spell if you really do want your ex to return to your arms. My Return My Lover Spell is formulated, personalised and expertly cast by me using the relevant and appropriate ingredients to aid speedy manifestation for you.

Find My Soul Mate Spell – Somewhere out there, we all have that special someone waiting to be found. Someone who will love us for who, and what, we are – warts and all. Someone you feel an instant attraction and connection to and you just know that they are “the one”. The difficult thing about soul mates though, is that they are incredibly difficult to find. My soul mate casting can really help you discover who the other half of your life is. I can guarantee that my Find My Soul Mate Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you.

The Commitment Spell – We all deserve to feel loved, like we are the only one for our partner, that we shouldn’t have to worry about wandering eyes or that they may even be falling out of love with us. Do you fear that your partner is straying, not paying you enough attention anymore, do they blatantly disregard your feelings? Then you have found yourself in the correct place. My spell can bring the commitment back into your relationship, get you back to how you want it to be. Don’t waste another day worrying about the what if’s, get the happiness and contentment back that you were experiencing with my Commitment Spell.

The Sex Spell can Increase your sex appeal, Make you a powerful seducer, enhance your sexual attraction and Draw sexual attention towards you. This Spell, as all of my others, is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and exclusively for you. Some people can sometimes feel embarrassed when requesting this spell, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to be more desirable (cosmetics companies seem to do OK from it), to wanting to have confidence in the bedroom to express your love more freely. Choose this spell, today, and you too can be much more happy, content and fulfilled.

The Happiness Spell – Do you feel a little low, that you really need to find your spark and start being happy again? Do you find you are looking on other peoples lives and thinking I wish that was me, that my life was full of happiness and contentment? My Happyness Spell can help you to feel alive and give you back your Zest for life. This will help to banish negative energy that is blocking your happiness  and is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and exclusively for you.

Marriage Spell – Do you feel that you have waited long enough, or your partner doesn’t believe that you need a piece of paper to prove the love the two of you share. No matter what stage your relationship is at, if you are ready for that next big step into married life then this Marriage Spell can work for you to enable your partner to either propose, or accept yours. They will think that it was all their idea in the first place, and all they want to do is walk with you down the aisle on the big day.

Good Luck Spell – Do you feel like life is going against you, that you really need some extra help to bring Luck into your life. No matter what your situation, if you feel like you are down on your luck then my Good Luck spell can help you turn your life around and make you an extremely lucky person in all aspects of your life. This Spell, as all of my others, is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and exclusively for you

Money Spell – What could, or would, you do if only you had the money to do it? Instead of dreaming the life, you can live the dream. Money Spells that work best are those that do not limit the sources from which your financial gain will flow. This means being open to receiving money from many and varied positive sources. Instead of offering many different types of Money Spells (such as Lottery Spells, Gambling Spells or Bring Me Money Spells), I have carefully crafted the perfect Money Spell.
This allows money to flow to you from more than one source or direction, rather limiting the wealth stream to just one source. You can expect windfalls, money making opportunities, competition wins, lottery wins, gambling wins etc. Money Spells that work in this way have a much better chance of success because you are not restricting yourself. I have developed the Money Spell over many years enabling it to generate very powerful energies.

Pregnancy & Fertility Spell – The birth of a healthy, loved child is a joyous thing. Sadly, though, many people do have trouble conceiving and carrying babies. My Pregnancy and Fertility Spell uses very gentle, but incredibly powerful energies. You will be surrounded in positive healing energies that should allow – if the universe decrees – a healthy conception, pregnancy and childbirth. My spell will also clear negative energies that may be surrounding you which can prevent you from conceiving. My Pregnancy and fertility Spell is cast with love and light.

Safe Pregnancy & Labour Spell – Baby conception is one of the greatest gifts that we can be given. We all want a healthy, happy baby at the end of our labour. My spell will help ensure that your pregnancy and labour pass in a safely and trouble free so that you will have a happy, healthy bouncing baby at the end of your pregnancy. This spell is cast with Love and Light to ensure all goes according to plan and that you and your baby flourish throughout. I ensure that my Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you.

Weight Loss Spell – The Weight Loss Spells that are most effective are those that are cleverly crafted and cast by an expert and experienced Spell caster like myself. I have, and with great success, cast many Weight Loss Spells with amazing results and I would be more than happy to do the same for you.
Dropping those extra pounds, finding the time and energy to exercise, summoning will power and sticking to a strict (often boring) diet is much easier said than done. The Weight Loss Spell rids you of the negative elements that are helping to keep you unhappy and overweight.
You will be surrounded with many positive energies that will increase your motivation and boost your willpower, helping you shed the excess weight easily and healthily. My spell will be cast expertly and effectively for you so that you can gain a healthy and harmless weight loss and not a dangerous dramatic one. It will give you the boost that you need to finally attain a healthy shape and weight, and to keep the weight off in the future.

Confidence Spell – Wherever you feel that your confidence levels are right now, I know that I can help you with my Confidence Spell. If you lack the confidence to be the person that want to be, to do the things that you really want to do, to take the bold steps that will bring you the rewards that you desire, to meet and socialise with positive and confident people, to live your life to the full then my Confidence Spell really will help you.
Instead of just admiring the confident people, you can be one of them. This Confidence Spell has the ability to rid you of the negative energies that are preventing you from having faith in yourself, having confidence in your own abilities and overcoming life’s daily challenges. This Confidence Spell will work with, and for you to bring about miraculous results.

Friendship Spell – Do you find yourself feeling lonely, and lacking a good strong circle of friends in your life? You probably found yourself on this here without knowing why, or even believing in spells and White magic. This was your Angels guiding you. Angels can guide us in very subtle ways, like you ending up on this page for example because your Angels are letting you know that this spell can work for you to bring new friends into your life.
Your life can go from feeling quite empty, to you being very popular with a good circle of friends who will always be there for you and you them. My Friendship Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you to bring friendship into your life.

Prosperity Spell – For success in exams, auditions, interviews etc choose the Prosperity Spell. Just imagine the things that you could achieve by being able to nail that interview, get that promotion! My Prosperity spell will help your life to grow in the direction that you wish it to so you are not sitting on the sidelines watching the successes of other people.
Having my Prosperity Spell cast allows a business or career to prosper and grow, with all the rewards and recognition that go with that. I ensure that my Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you.

Lost Item Spell – Losing a prized possession or keepsake, that we hold dear to our hearts can hurt us greatly. We often find that life does not hold the same meaning anymore, we feel lost and find that we are unable to relax. Have you lost a much cherished possession that made you feel this way?
My Lost Item Spell can work for you to enable you to find the item. My Spell is carefully crafted and is cast expertly and effectively for you so that you can find that lost item and feel complete again.

Pet Blessing Spell – Most people treat their pets as they would a family member, rewarding their loyalty to us with love and affection of our own. In fact lots of us think of our pets almost as children.
This spell is cast with Love and Light, to keep your pet safe and out of dangerous situations, such as escaping from the garden into a busy road, meeting an aggressive dog on your walks etc. My pet Blessing Spell can enable your pet to live a long, happy and carefree life – the way all pets deserve to.

House Sale Spell – Moving home is stressful already, and waiting for somebody to show an interest in yours does not help to make it any less so. Your guardian Angels guided you here, letting you know that this spell can work for you so that you can get that paperwork signed and be moving on to the next chapter of your life. I ensure that my Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you to enable that house sale to go through.

Addiction Breaker Spell – Addictions come in many forms and can destroy lives and homes. Are you currently battling an addiction, one that you feel is dragging you down? Whether it be smoking, gambling or something more serious, the Addiction Breaker Spell can help.
My Addiction Breaker Spell is carefully crafted, uses only positive energies and is cast expertly and effectively for you so that you can finally break free from all addictions so that you can live the life that you want to live, and happily.

Healing Spell – My Healing Spell, is able aid you in ridding yourself of physical and emotional ailments and bring peace and clarity to your life.
Do you have aches and pains, suffer from Anxiety and/or Panic attacks, find that you can’t sleep on a night? Persistently coming down with a cold. Do you find that your life is spiralling out of control, is too hectic, is going in the wrong direction etc? I can help you rid yourself from these ailments with my Healing Spell which is cast in love and light, and is expertly crafted and cast for you to bring you peace within your body and mind.

Travel Protection Spell – The best travel insurance is one that helps you stay safe in the first place, this is where my Travel Protection Spell comes in.
We all deserve to be able to travel in peace and safety, whether it is a holiday or a trip to see a friend. This spell can help to keep you safe whilst travelling, leaving you free to enjoy yourself rather than worry about any possible hazards.
Regardless of whether that be just travelling in your car, walking around a town centre or holidaying – both here in the UK and worldwide my Travel protection Spell can work for you and is cast with love and light.


Latest Spells:

  • Stop Insomnia Spell
  • Depression/Anxiety Spell
  • Stop Panic Attacks Spell
  • Weight Gain Spell
  • New Business Growth Spell
  • Positivity Spell
  • Stop Loneliness Spell

In addition to the spells listed above I can create a unique spell for you.

No guarantees can be made about any of my spells, as they depend on the individual being of positive and willing mind. I can, however, say that spells can and do work – you just need to think very positively and believe that your spell will work for you to obtain the results that you desire for your spell.

Please do not contact me asking me to cast any harmful or dark spells as I only work with positive energies and would never seek to harm others.

Love and Light,



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