The Amazing World of Crystals – Part Two

In the first instalment, we looked at just 3 of the amazing crystals at our disposal that help us with seeing and healing. In this second part, not only will you find out about 3 more crystals and their uses, you will learn how these crystals can be cleansed and re-energised in order to get the most out of them.

A lot has been written about the dangers to computer users from the low but persistent levels of electromagnetic radiation coming from computer screens. The worries began in the early days of computing when monitors were of the CRT (cathode ray tube) type. These work by firing a beam of electrons at the screen i.e. directly towards the user! It is less of a problem with LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors but is still present. You can use certain crystals to absorb the harmful energy. The most effective are the ferro-magnesian ones like haematite. It is said that silicate crystals are of no use (they can resonate and amplify the negative energy) apart from black tourmaline which contains iron.


Citrine is a cheerful crystal being both anti-depressant and energising. It stimulates no less than three Chakras – the Root, the Navel and the Solar Plexus, improving your disposition towards others and attracting personal power. It works by clearing negative energy and is particularly good for aiding troubled teenagers. It is also noted for its power in helping you to achieve your goals.


Fluorite absorbs incoming negative energy and is used by psychic healers against illnesses that manifest themselves in the head and neck such as colds, flu and headaches. It protects the healer from picking up and holding on to the negative vibes from their patients. When placed in the bedroom, Fluorite will absorb the negative energies associated with bad dreams and interrupted sleep to give you a good night’s rest. But best of all, it is sometimes called the ‘Genius Stone’. Why? It increases attentiveness and facilitates better decision making by improving thought organisation in the mind. It is therefore the perfect crystal to have around if you are learning new subjects, embarking on a large creative project or even just about to take an exam.

Lapis Lazuli

The legendary blue crystal so beloved of the ancients, notably the Egyptians and their neighbours. They realised that it imparted wisdom, insight and truth and it became known as the ‘Stone of Rulers’. Perhaps this was also because of its rarity and beauty. It works by stimulating the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Third Eye gives great insight so using Lapis Lazuli can aid in solving mysteries and helps in situations when you find yourself confused. It is a good stone for writers – when the Third Eye is stimulated, so is intuition and creativity. This powerful crystal offers protection from psychic and physical harm. It is said to work by maintaining a strong link between the Astral and Physical planes.

Crystals don’t work for everyone because they need to be periodically cleansed and charged – a layman or non-psychic will probably not realise this and be unable to take advantage of their powers. If you buy a crystal from a reputable source, it will arrive cleansed and charged but use your instinct to decide whether your crystal is ready for a ‘service’.

Hold the crystal.

Sense the crystal.

If it feels strangely heavy, it will be loaded with negative energy and need cleansing. Even if it doesn’t feel any different to normal, trust your instincts, you will just know if cleansing and charging is needed.

The most effective cleansing method is to use moving water – the sea is the best but a clear stream or natural spring will also do the job. If you have access to none of these, a bowl of water with some salt added will suffice. Leave your crystal to soak overnight. The following morning, get rid of the water and thoroughly clean the bowl. Cleansing of porous and soluble crystals cannot be carried out in this way. These will need cleansing by using other methods such as the power of the Full Moon or smudging. Smudging is a method developed and practised by native American peoples using burning herbs.

The standard method of charging a crystal is to use sunlight but each crystal is different. Some may be charged by hanging from a tree in the light of the full moon; by wrapping in a specific type or colour of cloth and leaving it in a warm dark place; burying in the ground for 24 hours with herbs to absorb Earth Energy. Your crystal supplier will be able to tell you which method will give you the best results for your crystal.

We hope that this has been of use to you and wish you well with your journey into the world of crystals.