April’s Psychic Spell Casting.

Hi Everyone, we have had quite a few of Psychic UK Reading Facebook page fans message today regarding my spells so I am writing this blog post to give you all a guide to my Spell Casting.
I am an experienced and professional Spell Caster who delivers amazing results on the Spells I cast. There is nothing ‘hocus pocus’ about spell use, and nothing that could be perceived as being snake oil. I have been offering my spells for over ten years now, and my lovely recipients have seen some amazing results after using my spells to help them.
It takes a long time to formulate a Spell and a lot of energy to cast a Spell. I am a Psychic Spell Caster, not any other type of Spell Caster and I have always had a natural affinity at Spell Casting, it is a part of my gift that I was born with. There are different Spells that I offer, Spells that I cast during the Midnight hour under the Full Moon that we have every month and Spells at any other time of the month (Just called Spells, or everyday Spells). I offer you a choice of a single Casting, a Double Casting or a Triple Casting Spell. Obviously the more castings you have the more powerful the Spell. Full Moon Spells are the most powerful Spells because of the forces of nature, therefore a Full Moon Spell is always going to bring you the greater results.These Spells come to you via email and the email contains all the information you need to transfer the Spell from myself to you, to enable the spell to start working for you.

I also offer Spell Infused Items – again exactly the same as above (Full Moon and Everyday Spells, Single, Double & Triple Castings) but the Castings get infused onto an item for you, such as a Gemstone, a Bracelet, Necklace etc etc.
Each of my Spells are cast individually and exclusively for the person ordering and I need the full name and date of birth for the person the spell is for. You can order a Spell as a gift for someone else but you do need that persons details.
The list of Spells I cast exclusively for you are:

Love Spell
Return My Lover Spell
Find My Soul Mate Spell
Sex Spell
Happiness Spell
Baby Gender Selection Spell
Marriage Spell
Civil Partnership Spell
Money Spell
Pregnancy & Fertility Spell
Baby Gender Selection Spell
Safe Pregnancy & Labour Spell
Weight Loss Spell
Positivity Spell
Depression/Anxiety Spell
Confidence Spell
Friendship Spell
Prosperity Spell
Lost Item Spell
Pet Blessing Spell
Business To Grow Spell
House Sale Spell
Addiction Breaker Spell
Healing Spell
Travel Protection Spell For Someone Else
Travel Protection Spell
Protection/Curse/Hex Removal Spell
And on My website You can read all about the different Spells and what they can bring to your life:


My Spells are all cast in Love and Light and can bring no harm to anyone. So if you are thinking why is my life so dull, I want him/her back, I could do with a boost to my finances then maybe you should try one of my Spells for yourself and join the others who have all had their lives enriched from my Spells.
For reviews on my work, please see Posts By others, The Photo Album and also on my website.

There is no embarrassment attached to using things to help in our daily lives, we do it everyday in countless ways. Spells are no different, and if life is not working for you then my spells can help to rectify that.
If you do truly desire the results that a spell can bring, and you understand that they can only ever be used to help and enhance, then my spell castings may well be what you are looking for.

Love, Light & Angel Blessings,

Psychic Medium and Spell Caster
Email: April@psychicukreadings.co.uk
Web: www.PsychicUKReadings.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/psychicukreadings