Learning To Trust Your Intuition & Inner Guidance.

Have you ever felt an inner calling to do something, or felt that you needed to talk to someone? Perhaps you felt uneasy about a certain decision that had to be made. At all times we are being guided energetically, whether it be from our higher selves, spirit guides, angels, or ETs, we are constantly receiving thought signals or feelings to guide us towards a path of learning. This assistance can be called our intuition.


One of the greatest tools we have is our intuition. It is an innate knowledge that we all possess, a knowledge that is connected to divinity and love. It is the voice of our higher self, communicating with us from a higher plane of frequency. When we listen to that inner voice, it guides us along the path that ultimately brings us the greatest personal expansion.

Learning to be perceptive of our intuition or inner voice can be one of the most powerful things we can do, as it almost always leads us towards a state of harmony and peace, or at the very least helps guide us to the most appropriate teachings. When something feels “wrong” about a particular situation, it is usually our higher self nudging us to change our path. When we feel excited or energetic about a situation, then most often it is the higher self signalling for us to move towards that direction.

Sometimes our intuition can be the voice of angels or spirit guides who are aiding us on our journey as well. We are being cared for at all times by forces and beings which are benevolent in nature, and who wish to see humanity ascend to a higher level of consciousness. It is comforting to remind ourselves of this on a daily basis.

So how can we become better attuned to listening to our inner guidance? The first step is to believe and to be open to listening. So often we judge or doubt our gut feelings, usually letting fear get in the way. If we are open to our inner voice, then we are allowing ourselves to be in tune with and connected to our true nature, which always has our best interests at heart. The next step is to trust these feelings and to take action. If you feel like you are unhappy at your job, then trust your intuition; you will know if something feels out of balance. If it does, then have faith in yourself and make a decision. Try not to let fear stop you from breaking out of inharmonious lifestyle choices. Comfort can be a hidden form of fear and can set you back if you let it.

The global awakening taking place is about opening up to our true potential as creators and energy beings. As time progresses, we will see our intuition becoming progressively stronger. You may have already noticed this. As this happens the most important things to remember are to stay open, stay connected and to trust your gut feeling as it will always lead you exactly to where you are supposed to be.