How to Stay Positive When Others Are Negative

As a sensitive person, you deeply feel energies. You may even feel like you’re absorbing other people’s emotions. How can a sensitive person stay positive, when there are negative people and news stories around you? 

Here are 4 ways that you can stay up, when others are down:

See your happiness as a blessing. Instead of feeling like you should join someone in their sorrow, know that you’re contributing much more by pulling others up through your energy of happiness and inner peace.

See news stories as an opportunity to pray. If this world was perfectly peaceful, there wouldn’t be a need for peacemakers like yourself to be here.

We are here to pray over news stories, and not to add to the fear energy surrounding them. It’s about balance, and knowing that sometimes you’ll need to take breaks from reading the news.

Get involved. If you’re upset about an issue, that’s probably a sign that it’s part of your life purpose. Your help could make all the difference in healing the issue. Volunteer to help charities aligned with your beliefs; donate time, money, or supplies to causes; sign petitions; boycott products that you don’t believe in; write letters; and so forth. You’ll feel better, knowing that you’re helping to improve the situation.

Take good care of yourself. More than anyone else, sensitive people must take exquisitely good care of their bodies. It begins with listening to how your body reacts to what you eat; who you’re with; and what you’re doing. Sensitive people must be in nurturing environments and have gentle diets.

Other essentials: physical exercise to discharge pent-up feelings; a good support system; a spiritual path; and creative outlets.

Doreen Virtue. 2015