Monthly Archives: June 2016

9 Life Tricks to Boost Confidence

Life's little ups and downs can take a toll on your confidence so learning how to bounce back after a setback is key to being able to get back on your feet. The good news is confidence can be learned. So here are our quick-fix tips and life hack tricks to keep your confidence levels brimming over. (more…)

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A Simple Explanation to Lucid Dreaming

Whether you want to time travel to another era, meet your favourite celebrity or fly to a distant planet, you can do it all while you're asleep. Lucid dreaming is a method of controlling the content of your dreams, so you consciously create the events in your dream. Apart from opening up a fantastical dream world adventure, lucid dreaming can help you practice for the real world by trying out conversations or actions in a safe environment before you tackle them in real life. (more…)

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