Daily Archives: May 14, 2014

The Crystal and Gemstone Directory

Psychic UK Reading's Crystal and Gemstone Directory provides you with an overview of the healing and metaphysical properties of Crystals and Gemstones with pictures. (more…)

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The Amazing World of Crystals – Part Two

In the first instalment, we looked at just 3 of the amazing crystals at our disposal that help us with seeing and healing. In this second part, not only will you find out about 3 more crystals and their uses, you will learn how these crystals can be cleansed and re-energised in order to get the most out of them. (more…)

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Cleansing, Energising and Programming Crystals

Cleansing When you first obtain crystals or have been using them for some time, or even if they have been left sitting around somewhere, they will have absorbed a range of different energies that they will have been exposed to by yourself and others who may have handled them and transferred various energies and emotions into them. (more…)

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